Latest issue of the Portuguese Economic Journal
Volume 20, Issue 1, January 2021.

Available Online First
"Does stock trading volume signal future dividends? Evidence from Iberian firms" by Júlio Lobão, Patrícia Piedade, Srinivas Nippani.
"Time varying dynamics of globalization effect in India" by Shikha Gupta, Nand Kumar.
"The devil is in the details: Capital stock estimation and aggregate productivity growth—An application to the Spanish economy" by Francisco-Javier Escribá-Pérez, María-José Murgui-García, José-Ramín Ruiz-Tamarit.
"Measuring the impact of violence on macroeconomic instability: evidence from developing countries" by Rabia Haroon, Zainab Jehan.
"Assessing volatility transmission between Brent and stocks in the major global oil producers and consumers – the multiscale robust quantile regression" by Dejan Živkov, Slavica Manić, Jelena Kovačević, Željana Trbović.
"Intertemporal substitution in import demand and the role of habit formation: an application of Euler equation approach for Pakistan" by Farzana Naheed Khan, Eatzaz Ahmad.
"Relative pricing of French Treasury inflation-linked and nominal bonds: an empirical approach using arbitrage strategies" by Béatrice de Séverac, José S. da Fonseca.
"Cross-border acquisitions from developing countries under decreasing returns to scale" by Quan Dong, Juan Carlos Bárcena-Ruiz.
"External debt, growth and investment for developing countries: some evidence for the debt overhang hypothesis" by Taner Turan, Halit Yanıkkaya.
"Generational Accounting in Portugal" by Jorge Pinheiro.
"Ageing, human capital and demographic dividends with endogenous growth, labour supply and foreign capital" by Thomas Ziesemer, Anne von Gässler.
"A new career in a new town. Job search methods and regional mobility of unemployed workers" by Andrea Morescalchi.
"Qualifications, job mismatch, and workers with disabilities" by Kihong Park.

14th Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Economic Journal
We are sorry to inform you that the 14th Meeting of the Portuguese Economic Journal has been moved to 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemics.

Consultaccount Award 2019
The Consultaccount Award for the best paper presented by a PhD student at the 13th Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Economic Journal was conferred to Ana Oliveira (U. Porto, Portugal) for The Labor Share Meets Industrial Organization: Behavior Under Endogenous Growth and Market Structure. The award consisted of a certificate and a pecuniary prize in the amount of EUR 750.

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The latest discussion paper on the blog is "Data for Portugal’s per capita GDP for 1527–1850".

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