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Individual attitudes towards migration : a reexamination of the evidence
Silvio Hong Tiing Tai
On the Effect of Technological Progress on Pollution: A New Distortion in an Endogenous Growth Model Abstract
Alexandra Ferreira-Lopes, Tiago Neves Sequeira, Catarina Roseta-Palma,
Do Migrants Improve Governance at Home? Evidence from a Voting Experiment
Catia Batista, Pedro C Vicente
Long-run Behaviour of Long-term Sovereign Bond Yields
António Afonso
The Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy in Portugal: a Bayesian SVAR Analysis
António Afonso
Why are some prices stickier than others? Firm-data evidence on price adjustment lags
Fernando Monteiro Martins
Social Capital and Investment in R&D: New Externalities
Tiago Neves Sequeira
The Role of Institutions in Cross-Section Income and Panel Data Growth Models: A Deeper Investigation on the Weakness and Proliferation of Instruments
Flavio V Vieira, Ronald MacDonald, Aderbal Damasceno
The Role of Human Capital in the Iberian Countries Regional Growth
Catarina Cardoso
How does political instability affect economic growth?
Francisco José Veiga, Ari Aisen
Exchange Rate Mean Reversion within a Target Zone: Evidence from a Country on the Periphery of the ERM
António Portugal Duarte, João Sousa Andrade, Adelaide Duarte
Testing for Pork Barrel Politics in Public Infrastructure Accumulation: the case of Spain
Henry Aray
Fundamental Resource Curse
Ana Fernandes
Non-communicable chronic diseases and health capital
Catarina Goulão
How Are Inflation Targets Set?
Roman Horvath
International macroeconomic interdependence and imports of oil in a small open economy
Teresa Vasconcelos Sousa
Directed Technical Change, Scale Effects and Industrial Structure
Pedro Mazeda Gil, Oscar Afonso, Paulo Brito
Fiscal Regime Shifts in Portugal
Ricardo M. Sousa
Identifying Adjustment Costs of Net and Gross Employment Changes
Joao Miguel Ejarque
How Important is the Currency Denomination of Exports in Open-Economy Models?
Margarida Duarte
Withering government spending multipliers
h dellas
Employment, exchange rates and labour market rigidity Abstract
Fernando A Alexandre, Pedro Bação, Joao C Cerejeira, Miguel Portela
Agricultural Trade Liberalization under Bilateralism: an International Network Pesrpective
Daniel Esteban May
Proteccionism under R&D Policy: Innovation Rate and Welfare
Felipa de Mello-Sampayo
Implications of Stock Price Misalignments for Business Cycle Dynamics
Joao Rodrigues Madeira, Mikael Bask
Time Consistency Problem in a Monetary Union
Vadym Lepetyuk
Evidence on the Relation Between Public Capital and Government Efficiency
Francisca Guedes de Oliveira
Employment and exchange rates: the role of trade openness and technology
Fernando Alexandre, Pedro Bação, João Cerejeira Silva, Miguel Portela
Unemployment Duration and Disability: Evidence from Portugal
António Gomes de Menezes
Financial Globalisation and the Growth of World Manufacturing Trade
Robert Zymek
Labor Immobility and the Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy in a Monetary Union
Bernardino Adao
Fiscal Policy and Globalization
Isabel Correia
The Good, the Bad and the Different: Can Gender Quotas Raise the Quality of Politicians?
Paulo Júlio, José Tavares
Short and Long Interest Rate Targets
Pedro Teles
A new measure of fiscal shocks based on budget forecasts and its implications
Manuel Pereira
Fuel Prices are fundamentals in energy and climate policy:
Alfredo Marvao Pereira, Rui M Pereira
Transitional Fluctuations in Endogenous Growth with Housing
Paulo Brito, Alfredo Pereira
Equilibrium asset prices and bubbles in a continuous time OLG model
paulo brito
Inflation Persistence in OECD and non-OECD Economies
Paulo M. M. Rodrigues, Jorge Andraz


Low-wage careers: Are there dead-end firms and dead-end jobs?
Jens Stephani
Competition in the Credit Cards Industry
Pedro Pereira, Steffen Hoernig, Tiago Ribeiro
How quorum rules distort referendum outcomes: evidence from a pivotal voter model
Luís F Aguiar-Conraria, Pedro Magalhães
Price Transmission for Joint Products
Maria Petr Antonova
Income shocks and investments in human capital
Rita Ginja
Brain Drain and Brain Waste
Armando José Garcia Pires
Gravity and Globalization
Daniel A Dias
Higher Education attainment – intergenerational transmission of education in Portugal
Pedro Telhado Pereira
First-Order Risk Averse and Risk Seeking Behavior Towards Skewed Gambles
Luis Santos Pinto
The Political Economy of Firm Size
Christine Richmond, Leora Klapper
Pricing, Advertising and Trade Policy
Arastou Khatibi, Wouter Vergote
Conservatism and Female Labour Force participation in Turkey
Idil Goksel
Measuring match quality using subjective data Abstract
Priscila Ferreira, Mark P. Taylor
Entry deterrence under scope economies
Cesaltina Pacheco Pires, Margarida Catalão-Lopes
Explaining the pattern of local unemployment in France : a spatial model mobilizing Skill, Spatial and Social Mismatch
Florent Sari
Maids and School Teachers: Low Skill Migration and High Skill Labor Supply.
Tiago Freire
Repeated Games at Random Moments in Time
Antonio Miguel Osorio Costa
What are Entrepreneurs' Objectives When Starting a New Business?
Lionel Jacques Désiage
Calling Clubs: Network Competition with Non-Uniform Calling Patterns
Steffen Hoernig
Is unemployment insurance a life vest of re-employment wages? Treatment effects evidence
Mario Centeno, Alvaro A. Novo
With a little help from my friends? The effect of friendship ties on unemployment transitions
Konstantinos Tatsiramos
The Importance of Outside Options for Wage Formation: Survey Evidence
Marta Lachowska
Job (in)stability Abstract
Pedro Raposo, Pedro Portugal, José António Ferreira Machado
Joblessness Abstract
Pedro Raposo, Pedro Portugal, José António Ferreira Machado
Price and quality regulation in highway concession contracts
Ricardo Gonçalves
Minimum wage, fringe benefits, overtime working and the gender pay gap
Kemal Kızılca, Carla Sá, João Cerejeira, Miguel Portela
Firm economic performance and international trade engagement: the Portuguese manufacturing industry*
armando nogueira silva
Job Mobility and Immigrant Wage Catch up
Ana Damas de Matos
Endogenous Price Leadership with Asymmetric Costs: Experimental Evidence
Miguel Alexandre Fonseca
Excess turnover and employment growth: firm and match heterogeneity
Mario Centeno, Carla Machado, Álvaro Novo


Counterfactual analysis of bank mergers
Pedro Pita Barros, Diana Bonfim, Moshe Kim, Nuno C. Martins


Health Care Utilization and Self-Assessed Health: Specification of Bivariate Models Using Copulas
Jose Murteira, Óscar Lourenço
A Kernel Based Bootstrap Method for Dependent processes
Paulo M.D.C. Parente, Richard J. Smith
Fractional regression models for second stage DEA efficiency analyses
Esmeralda A. Ramalho, Joaquim J.S. Ramalho, Pedro D. Henriques
"Competition, Product and Process Innovation: an empirical analysis"
Carlos Daniel Santos
Firm ownership and rent sharing
Natália Pimenta Monteiro, Miguel Portela, Odd Rune Straume
Healthy lifestyles and ex-ante moral hazard,evidence from Portugal
Aida Isabel Tavares
The Returns to Training Programmes with High Skill Contents: An Illustration
Sofia Pessoa e Costa
Bootstrapping realized multivariate volatility measures
Silvia Goncalves
Asymmetries in the adjustment of motor diesel and gasoline pump prices in Europe
Jorge Miguel Rodrigues
International Trade and Productivity: Firm-Level Evidence from Ukraine
Yevgeniya Shevtsova
Testing for Persistence Change in Fractionally Integrated Models
Luis Filipe Martins, Paulo Rodrigues